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Pigmentation & Tattoo removal Laser


PicoWay® is the new legend in aesthetics industry!

Here at Lumiere , we have a fully specified PicoWay® system with 3 different wavelengths: 531nm, 785nm, 1064nm and also Zoom® and revolutionary Resolve® hand pieces. With four FDA-cleared indications,PicoWay® can treat variety of skin conditions.

PicoWay® is an advanced laser solution for the treatment of acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines, pigmentation and even hard-to-treat melasma. Brought to you by Syneron Candela, this revolutionary technology boasts three wavelengths and uses ultra short picosecond (trillionths of a second) pulses to treat a broader range of skin types in fewer treatments and with greater comfort. PicoWay® can also treat all colours of tattoos.

Why Picoway is a better laser technology?
Picosecond .Photoacoustic effect. Ultra-short pulses enable the strong photoacoustic impact needed to effectively fracture pigment particles without overheating surrounding skin tissues.

Comfort. The PicoWay Resolve system uses a gentle approach to building new collagen and elastin in the treatment of acne scars and wrinkles.

Low to no downtime. In brief, 15- to 20-minute treatment sessions, the PicoWay Resolve system transforms skin while leaving the epidermis intact. So patients can get back to their lives quickly, without significant side effects.

Treatment Cycle
Most patients receive 4-6 treatments, with each session lasting approximately 20 minutes.
The exact number of sessions you’ll need always depends on the individual and the area being treated.
Sessions are usually performed 4-6 weeks apart.

– Pigmented lesion

– Multi-colored tattoos

– Acne scarring

– Wrinkle severity

Results may vary. Photos are unretouched.