Aesthetic Treatments

Lumiere Aesthetics Spa


LED Therapy

As the most advanced LED phototherapy on the market, Healite II LED skin therapy treatments use different colours and wavelengths of lights to rejuvenate, strengthen and heal the skin.

This treatment effectively targets concerns such as ageing, rosacea, acne, dermatitis, uneven skin tone and texture, and more. It can also assist in the recovery of cosmetic injections and other skin treatments such as peels , IPL and laser.

This can also be a stand-alone treatment to stimulate collagen and elastin, enhance your body’s natural cellular recovery, and boost the immune system.

Our clients will generally receive 14 sessions, twice per week over 7 weeks and lasting up to 20 minutes per session. However, the exact number of recommended treatments will be confirmed with you during your consultation. This non-invasive treatment allows clients to return to their normal schedule immediately.